Désirée Da Costa Gomez was born in Curaçao. She studied at the Peter Kump’s New York
Cooking School in New York and took cake decorating courses at the Wilton Cake
Decorating School in Chicago.

Désirée Da Costa Gomez is the author of cookbooks in Dutch, Spanish and in her own
language which is “Papiamentu”.
It’s hard to label a particular dish as “the” typical dish, as there are many. You will, however, find that whatever the main course is, it will surely be surrounded by fried plantains, “aros moro” (rice and beans), “Funchi” (a polenta-like dish), “Pan Batí”, Dumplings and Johnny Cakes. The people of the Dutch Caribbean have a shared love of food and will seize every opportunity to entertain a guest.

Désirée’s Favorite Recipes is a book with a modern delicious twist. With over 60 recipes to
choose from, this Dutch Caribbean cuisine makes your taste buds jump for joy and your
imagination carry you to the islands.

Take home the flavors of the islands with you!!!